Artist Statement:

My life is art and art is my life, the reality I live in. The way I walk, talk, dress to an extent, even the tools I own and create to make my artistic experience in life more original & enjoyable. I encourage you to manifest your reality & destiny, it is possible with goals & dedication to create/live your dreams. I have dedicated a large amount of my life to aerosol murals, creating art and also to skateboading, with plans of continuing more of this artistic journey. Life is about the moment, I believe you should enjoy and take advantage of it, because it passes us by too quickly. I cannot really express the satisfaction of being in the, “Zone”, the meditation and mind power of being, “in the moment” of skateboarding or painting and creatively expressing yourself. These two things bring unbelievable and unforgettable aspirations, dreams and accomplishments. Born out of the need for a place to skateboard, the creation of Burnside is truly legendary, it sparked the imagination of many, and it built a great community that I am glad to be a part of. Many Legal art walls I have seen over the past 20 years of painting in California, Oregon, & Washington have all disappeared, and currently there is not even one wall for public use in some cities. It seems that so we have traveled so far since the late 80's, but yet the sky is still the limit and we must go for it. Portland is building a skateboarding legacy with a master park plan. Seattle is very accepting of murals & also has a large graffiti legal wall. Now that murals are somewhat legal again in Portland, possibly we can beautify the city the way that only a progressive, artistic, visionary, society could dream. I recommend you to get out there, enjoy & help create the NorthWest & Worldwide experience & inspire all you meet.



Da Skills Manifest
Destiny Shall Manifest

Thank you,

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